Forty North Oyster Farm Logo, Matt Gregg, Oyster Farm, Forty North FORTY NORTH OYSTER FARMS STANDS BY A SIMPLE CONCEPT:
The closer you are to your food, the better it will be. Strategically located in rural NY & NJ, our quality oysters are demanded by the area's top restaurants and connoisseurs alike. A healthier environment is our only byproduct.

40°N -  It’s the perfect climate and environment for an oyster to grow.  Historically, from the Peconic Bay to the Barnegat Bay, every waterway within that degree of latitude was home to billions and billions of oysters. By the late 1800’s, NY and NJ oystermen were harvesting 700 million oysters per year! Simply put, an important part of America was built on oysters.


Times have changed and history will show: a constant component in a society that is to survive is adaptation. Our techniques for harvesting oysters not only yield a better product, they’re also 100% sustainable.



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Forty North Oyster Farms, white logo
TOURS The lack of transparency in the food industry is dangerous. Let’s change that. Our products are not processed and our farms don’t have walls. We encourage visits! TOUR
Come out and get dirty (or stay clean). Learn the basics of shellfish aquaculture while learning the history of the bay. Tours typically run about 1 hour. $85 for adults
$20 for kids under 15
Group rates available
Peconic Bay, Barnaget Bay, Forty North Oysters, Aphrodite, oyster farm, new jersey, new york
Forty North Oyster Farms, white logo
Forty North, oyster farm, peconic bay, barnaget bay, new jersey, new york

Weddings, parties, corporate events, you name it. Imagine two strapping and burly oyster farmers with beards showing up to your party. Equipped with raw bar, ice, oysters, mignonette, cocktail sauce, plaid shirts and shucking knives. We guarantee that our raw bar will make your party unforgettable for years to follow. Give us a call and we’ll work to build a package that fits your needs.


[disclaimer: men may not necessarily have beards]




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Forty North Oyster Farms, white logo