Make no doubt about it, we are oyster growers first. That being said, we can confidently say that we know more about oysters than anyone! We are not your average middle man. We care for our oysters from the size of a pinhead until the day they arrive in your walk in. 

Some Points To Know:

  • Call/Email for product availability.
  • To ensure maximum freshness, delivery days vary based on weather and tides.
  • We accept ONLY cash/check on delivery. 
  • We encourage our buyers to visit our farms to fully understand what it is we do.
  • We are at the mercy of mother nature. Orders may be canceled unexpectedly. 




Forty North Oyster Farms is a Certified Interstate Shellfish Shipper, NJ-350-SS, a New York Commercial Digger as well as a Licensed New Jersey Aquatic Farmer.